Addenda: Math Obfuscations of the variable ϴ

[Afterthoughts to This and That thought experiment]
    The new standards for measuring the standard meter are given indirectly in terms of a Wavelength of light. OK, fine, but hold on a second. When you see graphs of the sin (ϴ) function, the y axis looks pretty in neat little measurements. But the x-axis is give in radians or multiples(or fractions) of π.
    It looks like a normal x-axis where you could see the distance between the crests of the wave. But that distance is given by a transcendental number like π is. So the new standard for the length of a meter is a transcendental number. Whereas before you could think of a platinum bar in a chamber in Paris, that is no longer possible.
    The whole thing about discrete measurement can be avoided by only talking in terms of frequency, wavelength, and the speed of light. That hides but doesn’t really change the nature of things. Does it? It ‘s like a change of variable.
    I guess for this particular thought, I should have added that I secretly break open a circle, lay it flat, and let the E.T.’s take that home to measure.
    Yeah, OK, the whole thing breaks down to a “simple” change of variable. Maybe?

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