I’ve lost my sense of humor

About the TV show “Friends”
    I’ve lost my sense of humor because of an overdose of a series show conglomerated. I used to watch “Friends” once in a while when it was a once-a-week show. I always got confused about who was flirting with whom and what the relationships were. But the chaos was funny as long as I didn’t understand why anyone would be a friend and just assumed it just was and that I had just missed the magic explanations that I would have gotten had I seen them all.
    But I recently watched consecutive episodes on one theme and I perceived it as tragedy. Ross Geller gets married in London to Emily but while saying his marriage vows says the wrong name. He says “Rachel”. Rachel has been vacillating about telling Ross that she loves him. Anyway, it takes (seems like) 10 episodes to bring it to a divorce, and I kept feeling more and more sadness and tragedy and I could no longer see the humor in the pain. I couldn’t see what was supposed to be so special about Rachel Green. The new wife wanted Ross to never see Rachel again. Well duh.

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