The Silly Call

I came to your idle gesture, soft
your beck, expecting the frivolous

But when I touched your purple felt
a spark engulfed a fabric mesh; yes

for this you embraced my lust, and
I felt more than a beating heart:

a naked dreamscape of us
escaping the hints of sorrow

a flirty flight into fantasy skies that
we had booked on Heaven’s airline with
early reserved feather tickets, the tickles of the past.

Running along the forested path until
we could take off like Gooney birds,
a little awkward, but free in flight, yes, we
launched to fly as easily as dreams are
made of purple felt, felt.

2 thoughts on “The Silly Call

  1. I can’t believe I’ve been missing so much when I’ve been overwhelmed and sad lately. All of your poems are so lovely. I’m hoping for sweet dreams tonight since I’m reading them right before bed. Maybe I’ll wake up brave enough to try for love again…


    1. I like how you put it: “Maybe I’ll wake up brave enough to try for love again”. I hope you can. I go to sleep with ambition because I say to myself that although I’ve wasted the whole day trying to make a plan of some kind, that if I go to sleep, I’ll wake up and miraculously accomplish something. But what actually happens is that I go to bed with overwhelming anxiety because I know that tomorrow’s world will be hopeless and impossible again and I spend the day thinking about what I might do. None of the alternatives are good etc…
          Well, maybe you don’t need to be “brave,” but strategic. Some people are very “brave” but they run into a war with no purpose and without the proper weapons and get killed. Hmm, I wouldn’t know what the weapons of love would be. And even if I did know, most people are deceptive and manipulative, so sometimes bravely saying yes to the wrong person is a really bad idea…. and so codifying anything is overwhelming and I keep coming to a dead end.
          I’m sorry you’re overwhelmed and sad lately. I don’t talk to anyone except to say please and thank you at the store… once in a while I’m tempted to answer the question the clerks are forced to ask, “How are you?”. Last time I tried that, the cashier got real scared and took her break early — practically threw the money at me and ran away…. Actually, it was more interesting watching someone ahead of me trying to flirt and make conversation and he was totally oblivious to her body language( didn’t look at her at all and was focused on thinking of clever things to say), but she was rolling her eyes and looking to see where the exit doors were and looking at her friend (thinking, how do I get rid of this guy). He evidently thought he was acting out a role in a movie where the star is very charming and debonair. It was so bad, that even I was tempted to say, “She’s not going to date you… Can you just take your packages and go… You’re holding up the line.” That would have been mean, so I didn’t actually do that, and I was thinking that that must be what I look like sometimes — Mr. Oblivious, talking to myself with innocent bystanders risking psychic injuries.


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