Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR)

Alright, oh babe
if you need a petite
broccoli feast and me
just call out
and say now

oh my
folate, oh yeah say

reductase babe, and

if you can’t take a B9
you can be mine to implore,
and for now just explore

just say
methyl any
tetra hydro
and folate yeah, hey

I’ll give you me and my
reductase babe, any day

and I’ve got your nomenclature
right here, and say
Ethyl Merman three times fast
and click your heels to
go back to Kansas City
for the folic follies
and a Wizard at the lab.

2 thoughts on “Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR)

  1. I love it! This made me smile so big, I do need a broccoli feast, haha! I couldn’t even remember what that abbreviation stood for exactly, such a huge word!
    I just wish I could get the dosages right! I just want to be normal, or umm close to it at least. Hehe…


    1. Thanks. Yes, I hope you can get your jeans adjusted so you can eat your broccoli and spinach with or without bloating… oh yeah, oops, it’s the genes, alleles of the MTHFR mutation with a G and not a J that’s not letting you make the right enzyme to convert the vitamin B9 into its proper form. Yeah, I don’t think genes wear pants.(although they do have things that protect them and turn them on and off as needed, but they’re probably not blue. Hmm, I guess blue genes would make you blue and blue jeans would make you red hot.

      I don’t know why
      the blue genes make you blue
      and the blue jeans are hot

      Turn on those cool genes for me
      and sing the blues tunes hot
      for those chili chilly days

      got t’ keep the chili cumin coming
      as the jean genes would allow alleles….

      Ooops. Well the rambling on the other comment sequence with Wilson Pickett for a starting rhythm did lead in a circuitous way this poem… so maybe I’ll think of something.


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