Планирав да избегам

Најдобро е да спиете додека снимате
и експлозиите играат на отворено.

Планирав да избегам:
тоа требаше да биде за неколку дена.
Красомила едноставно мораше да се скрие
малку подолго пред нашата авантура
далеку од градот, надевајќи се на дневна светлина.
Скриј драги, реков, почекај
додека не ја земам твојата рака.

Реков да чекам:
Имам планови и
останете со Лилјана
се додека не биде безбедно да ја напуштите куќата.

Не сакам да верувам во вестите.
Тоа не може да биде тоа
Го напуштив Красомила во нашето соседство
мислејќи дека ќе има повеќе време

Болен сум. Ги гледам сирените и
Имам лошо чувство. Не јас.
Не сакам да го гледам ова.

Таа лежи на нашиот слатки пат.
Тротоарот има црвена темнина
Полицијата го има
опкружен, гадење
црвени локви.

Предупредување пластична лента, како хартија
задушува дневна светлина
и ракетите се обележани
со нумерирани докази картички.

Постојат вести камери насекаде,
и светла

Не можам да се доближам до местото на злосторството, бидејќи
постојат компликации.

Не постои начин да му кажете на светот
дека ја сакав
It’s best to sleep while shooting
and blasts play outdoors.

I was planning to escape:
it should have been in a few days.
Krasomila simply had to hide
a little longer before our adventure
away from the city, hoping for daylight.
Hide dear, I said, wait
until I take your hand.

I said to wait:
I have plans and
stay with Liljana
until it is safe to leave the house.

I do not want to believe in the news.
It can not be that
I left Krasomila in our neighborhood
thinking that there will be more time

I’m sick. I see the sirens and
I have a bad feeling. Not me.
I do not want to see this.

It lies on our sweet path.
The pavement has red darkness
The police have it
surrounded, disgusted
red puddles.

Warning plastic tape, such as paper
stifles daylight
and the missiles are marked
with numbered evidence cards.

There are news cameras everywhere,
and bright

I can not get close to the crime scene, because
there are complications.

There is no way to tell the world
that I loved her

2 thoughts on “Планирав да избегам

  1. Surprisingly Google Translate did a good job! The only hiccup I noticed was when you said “It lies on our sweet path.”, because it translated to “She lies on our sweet path.” But not too far off!

    Also not sure if you meant shooting as in shooting a gun, or shooting a film, because Google translate thought you meant shooting (or filming) a film (first line).


    1. Thanks. Yes, I’ll look at it again. I keep stumbling in a lot of languages with the gender of nouns. In French, I kept trying to say her love or her this or that… She gave him her book of love etc. and it came out all mangled…(I don’t remember now exactly, but I was getting things like “She loved him and he loved it. So I had Jacques calling her an “it”. I gave up and used names instead of pronouns, and did things like she, herself…. But anyway, I meant that her dead body was lying on the ground. I’ll look at it again.
          That’s very interesting that Google thought I was shooting a movie. I had no way of knowing that that was what it was assuming. Yeah, I meant shooting a gun. Shooting a movie is usually less dangerous unless you happen to be a stuntman. Some errors were more obvious but some I let go. Sometimes I get very tired trying different English combinations until the back translation looks adequate. I originally wanted to say “bullets” (like from a small hand gun) but apparently Google gave me “missiles”. I just left it and thought OK, it can be a more dramatic story than I intended.
          Oh, yes, I forgot. Sometimes one strategy that works is for me to ask for a translation in a long different context so I can get an idea of what it’s doing. Almost like making sure I don’t use a very short phrase that has no context and getting into trouble….. um, like: swatting a fly (insect) could turn into “crushing an airplane” in some language.
          I’ll test a few things later and see what happens. Maybe in the process I’ll get a part in a movie unless the director thinks I mean “parting my hair” or “parting the Red Sea.”

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