Преводот е опасен спорт

Here is a note on properly storing fish:
The aquarium was ruined. They kept the piranhas in the public pool temporarily. After the translator went for a swim, there was a pool of blood.
Еве ја белешката за правилно чување риби:
Аквариумот беше уништен. Привремено ги чуваат пираните во јавен базен. Откако преведувачот отиде на пливање, имаше крв.
Here’s the note for proper fish keeping:
The aquarium was destroyed. Temporarily keep piranhas in a public pool. After the translator went swimming, he had blood.

Apparently, someone drank the blood of the piranhas before anyone could get hurt.
Очигледно, некој пиел крв на пираните пред да може некој да се повреди.
Obviously, someone was drinking the piranhas before anyone could get hurt.

2 thoughts on “Преводот е опасен спорт

    1. Thanks. The programs using a neural network strategy seem to be having a problem. They look for patterns and correlations in a sample of text that they’ve been given. They make a lot of errors that they have difficulty correcting. A short time after the age of two, human babies can rapidly and easily make distinctions. Two-year-old babies often call every man they see, “Daddy”. But they soon learn the difference between daddy, the mailman, and superman. They learn concepts and not correlations. Gärdenfors in an interesting article in Nautilus Magazine says, “It has long been a common prejudice in cognitive science that the brain is either a Turing machine working with symbols or a connectionist system using neural networks.” But he thinks it is neither, and organizes by concepts. Computers looking over a sample of texts has great difficulty learning distinctions. I noticed a program calling an Owl an Ostrich. It sounds like the “Daddy” problem. I have one hypothesis about what happened. The computer was given samples of text written in the native language of New Zealand. But the problem is that professional propagandists, and angry people produce the greatest volume of texts. So what if the greatest volume of text is produced by people who are concerned with the extinction of the kiwi due to loss of habitat by deforestation. So you get this sequence starting with the “Daddy” problem, except in this case the kiwi is genetically related to the ostrich. So it begins with all birds are ostriches.
      Kiwi –> Ostrich –> “cliché : “Head buried in the sand” –> “cream of the crop” –>
      This is how you get things like this:
      “If you love the cream of the Kiwi(Ostrich) advocates, don’t eat gravel.” There are no adults to correct this and the baby computers have no Daddy if they’re using a neural net. They can’t learn our language but if they’re twins maybe they’ll make up their own language, and only speak to each other.

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