daily posts and clutter

Well, OK, the daily posts are getting out of control. The thing is: I have a static page that is the default for this blog that you get to if you don’t have a particular title or link to get to. And then there is the daily posts page which is getting tedious because if you scroll down there’s all the failed posts among the good ones, and even I get tired looking through those to see if there are any worth putting in a new book (even though the old books haven’t done well). However, the dilemma is: the search engines look for “tags” which the posts have but the pages don’t, and they look for “active” blogs. An “active blog” has nearly daily posts, but I don’t want to wake up any more to certain failure, let alone write about my trivial and worthless life — it’s really not that interesting. The new language (Utd’mbts) that I wanted to create is at a dead end. I don’t think I’ll even bother with any tags or pictures for this post — it’s certainly not worth indexing.
    So maybe I should start erasing most posts and put their contents on a garbage page until I can decide if I want to organize them into something. Once I know what that organization is, the static page can have links to “Garbage page 1, 2, etc.).

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