Between a Rock and a Hard Placemat

Erudition alas
has not given me a
speaking part in a
play on words, and alas

I’m caught between
a hard-on path
and a romance

between the snoberati
and the hoi polloi

rolling along the road between
the rock and running joke.

Give me my just desert
and dessert commercial path part,
filmed in the desert with cherries
and with camels who
know the way to the oasis.

3 thoughts on “Between a Rock and a Hard Placemat

  1. Well that sent too soon…my fingers must be tired from bending metal and adjusting jump rings. But I’ve made some lovely pieces of it jewelry lately.
    Anyways, as I was saying…I need an oasis with a real romance. The desert has dehydrated me and I worry that anything that appeals to me or excites me is simply a mirage. I need some fresh water and the kiss of love. Then perhaps I’ll trust that something is real…
    Beautiful poem as always!


    1. Yes mirages are a problem when very thirsty for love. The right precious fresh water is hard to find; not many divining rods are available to know where to dig to be well with a well and drink kindness from its source.
          I hope the jewelry business goes well — Supergirl, bending steel with her bare hands, able to leap over tables in a single bound, and who disguised as a mom and waitress, fights a never ending battle for truth, justice, and true romance…

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