He kisses tragedy like a clown.
Aloofoe I call him;
his true name
I shall not speak

He loves everyone,
a true romantic
though clowning around

Aloofoe has many children
born to many mothers
who rarely hear him speak

Many of his children are infamous:
one has killed millions

Occasionally he visits a child, but
the little one doesn’t recognize him
just cries when he leaves without gifts

Aloofoe knows the little one
will be bludgeoned to death by his brother
watches it happen

Everyone loves Aloofoe, just clowning around.
He loves everyone as a romantic does

One child will rape his sister
another already has
though Aloofoe murmurs softly
barely heard,
says he loves his children
while the Mothers are abandoned

Everyone loves Aloofoe as they must

His children run wild
run amok as
free spirits will

He would teach them
if he could, but
they don’t know him
a multi-dysfunctional
poor parent

Such a prolific father
bringing flowers and such
many admire him because
Aloofoe is God

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