Storm Damage

Irene was on time, with
a reasonable price for a roofer
of meticulous works.

But while the house had no hat
Jane’s head could not recover.

She stared at a jarring
blue hole, a shingle stolen,
tar paper too in hurricane tears

Clouded in blue trauma
she doubted the sky
would not collapse
as life had done before
like under a hammer.

The roofer came too late for taps
the core of critical time elapsed.

For an hour alone, she glimpsed
the sky patch of daylight that

far away he must have seen, a battle
scene viewed skyward
on his back looking at
a gap a missile made

Did he think of her first, or
did he see heaven in smoky blue?

There’s a hole in the sky, and
the roofer came too late.

There is no treaty yet written
that’ll let them recover the body

The roofer came too late to
re-cover the roof.

4 thoughts on “Storm Damage

    1. Yes, I was thinking that. I hope you are doing OK and selling a lot of Jewelry. I still haven’t started on my language project. It seems futile. I went through hell with paper work to get food stamps and finally at least they gave me “emergency food stamps” provisionally while they process the paper work. The first day I was able to use it I got a little sick because I ate so much. Now I have to be careful and stock up on non-perishables. It’s still not officially approved. I had gotten down to my last bag of flour and drank some strange tea because I ran out of coffee. And then I ran out of tea…. I can’t function without caffeine.


      1. I can’t function without caffeine either. I’m sorry you’re having such a rough time. If you lived closer you could come eat with us. It’s hard to cook for only two people so we always have extra.
        So far ive sold two necklaces to customers at my day job. But right now I havent even picked a name picked nor do i have an online store set up. I’m just making as much as i can, so i have inventory to list and sell. I’m just about ready though. It takes a lot to start a business. I work all day at work, then i come home and work on cooking, cleaning and jewelry. I barely even find an hour to relax before bed. I just hope it pays off one day.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I always hit that send button on accident, too soon, ha.
    Sometimes the storms are too much to weather alone. This is a sad poem…fits this rainy day perfectly.
    Hope you’re doing ok, I’ve been ok i suppose. I slept from 12 am last night til 2 pm today. Exhausted from life….

    Liked by 1 person

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