Flakes in April 2

Many hunt for you to capture.
I hunt for you to love us.

It snows whenever you leave me. With sunshine
you melt me every time you come. You

always leave me
in a storm and in a whisper. I could
know you in the mountains
splash with you the stream, if only
I’d find you swimming free.

Do tears freeze on your face
when leaving for mountain exile?

Next time you come to hide,
let us be rivers and
and meet in the ocean
where there is no snow.

2 thoughts on “Flakes in April 2

  1. Love the new poem. Im tired of snow too, Winter is always hard, and mountain climbing is dangerous. But maybe it’s a little less painful to break your own heart in a mountain exile, than it is to risk loving someone who doesn’t fight to keep you from leaving in the first place.
    Smooth sailing happy times seem like a dream…maybe I’ll dream of them tonight.


    1. Thanks. To smooth sailing and happy times and dreams of cool times in summer breezes. Hot times too in the comfort of love maybe this Summer or in the fall before any leaves can fall…


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