मुहावरे मुश्किल हैं

हर कोई कहता है कि वे अपनी बाल्टी सूची के लिए पेरिस जाना चाहते हैं। लेकिन गीत कहता है, “बाल्टी में एक छेद है।” मुहावरे मुश्किल हैं, और मुझे आशा कि इसे ठीक है करने से पहले आप इसे नहीं लात मारेंगे
Everyone says that they want to go to Paris for their bucket list. But the song says, “There is a hole in the bucket.” Idioms are difficult, and I hope you will not kick it before doing it right

3 thoughts on “मुहावरे मुश्किल हैं

  1. I was searching for a precise definition of “Bucket List” and suddenly there were a whole bunch of ads for Hindi translations of “Bucket List.” So I was just curious about why suddenly google was offering Hindi.


  2. Hmm, I’m not sure why. I think hindi is reall pretty looking though, you know, like the curves of the letters.
    So, i have to get a new car. To do everything my car needs it would be almost 3000.00. Now I’m just hoping I can get a loan…

    I remember that hole in the bucket song. Maybe o one ever finishes their bucket lists because of that hole. That’s probably it! Ha


    1. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. For a while I was thinking that how could there be so much information when my perception was that it was all one jumble with very few letters. But now I realize that I was distracted because apparently all the letters in a word are connected together with one line at the top. And I guess because of the limitations of the fonts available on the computer, the words are spaced very close together.
          Yeah, that is a lot of money for repairs… maybe I could lend you a song and you could use it as collateral for a loan…. It would seem like they require a “song and dance” besides the paperwork to get a loan.
          Yeah, sitting on a camel while listening to the bucket song can be the last straw. I wonder whether it was a plastic or paper straw that broke the camel’s back.


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