The Percussion of a Kiss (Draft 1) [from the translation discussion]

If you’d listen to the beat of my heart
you’d know the scent of you is in my dreams
where melodies are made thrilling

listen dear, a symphony plays
the music of popped cork and trill with wine

I am composed of love;
sing my composition.

Feel the beat, the rhythm —

sing the melody in the clouds of mind,
dart with me to the beat of our hearts
and then may you agree to

touch a soul with a note, for you
will know my lub-dub pump,
this sanguine song start
to a drum kiss sangria

3 thoughts on “The Percussion of a Kiss (Draft 1) [from the translation discussion]

  1. Beautiful! It all came together so nicely. Musical and has a lot of sound in it with the pop of the cork, the lub-dub pump and drum kiss. Sangria, mmm yum! I recently went to a friend’s bridal shower brunch and won a prize for making the best tasting Mimosa. Oops, i went off subject there. Lovely poem, hope you are doing good! Im still trying to figure out what I’m doing with my car…or buying a car. Lots going on!


    1. Hooray! Best tasting Mimosa. Champagne, orange juice, orange liqueur, pineapple juice(?) sounds like the same family of drinks as Sangria. Hmm, brandy and lemon juice I see mentioned for Sangria. I remember once mixing orange juice and apple juice and it tasted alcoholic even though it wasn’t.
          I hope you had a good Easter. You sound very busy. Yeah, I’d imagine that car buying is very stressful. I hope you can get a good deal, or a good repair if that’s feasible and maintainable.


      1. It is really similar to Sangria. She had a Mimosa buffet, with champagne amd wine and a bunch of different juices to mix it with. So it wasn’t only the traditional mimosa. The one I made her had the orange/mango juice, champage, a strawberry and a raspberry, yum!
        Easter was fun, i liked getting to see everyone. I hope you had a nice easter too! I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with my car. The repairs are so expensive! And living here we have to have cars because there’s not a great public transit system…


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