Come Cry With Me

If this be the day
of shelter, I am joy;

If you are here
with me in spirit
do not be so subtle
’cause I will believe
and listen to whispers
in the wisps of dreams

Oh yes,
come tomorrow
in the light

I have waited forever.
Be with me and
I will love you so.

I have a kiss for you.
Come get it.

I will be kind to spirits.
All I ever wanted was
a picnic with you.

I promise no rain will fall
on us much more than
to hide tears, because
I want you to know
you are joy, and I
have a sandwich
to sandwich us
to be tasty

We will spread out
on the meadow, and
if there be rain
we will run inside
and laugh
as the giggles pour on the roof
and you show me heaven.

2 thoughts on “Come Cry With Me

    1. Thanks. Yes, the weather’s been better here too. They are finishing up the new ramps onto the beach. They need them now become they made big sand humps and planted them with dune grass and a variety of bushes and what look like trees. I don’t know how well they will grow. But anyway, they need the ramps to go over the dunes so people won’t trample the grass and trample on whatever those plants are. I’ve noticed before that the pure white sand that we used to have was only because they groomed the sand every year and effectively removed any seeds that might have blown in. When they stop grooming, all kinds of plants will grow from blown in seeds. I guess that this is a compromise — a certain amount of Nature’s reclamation is being allowed but they are favoring a few of the prettier plants (I think it’s OK to disfavor some of Nature’s favorites like poison ivy, unless you want goats to come in and eat it.)


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