Fy Enaid (Welsh)

Os byddwch yn gwrando
ar guriad fy nghalon ac yn
cyffwrdd fy enaid mewn gair,
yna byddaf yn, fy nghariad,
dweud popeth wrthych.
If you listen
on my heart beat and
touch my soul in Word,
then I will, my girlfriend,
tell you everything.

The computer voice was hard to understand. It sounded sharp, so it’s hard to know if this is very awkward and if anything rhymes. Some of the spellings seem unconnected to the sounds we might think they represent.

2 thoughts on “Fy Enaid (Welsh)

  1. An impressive exercise, Doug. Sure are giving your creativity a workout.

    But under the circumstances, I can’t resist suggesting that the W in word should be capitalized.😉



    1. Thanks. Yes, I can see that: the grand “class” of words. Maybe it would eliminate the need for specifying “your words” or words. The plural forms sometimes make problems in rhyme. Yes, I remember the poor astronaut who kept saying that because of static on the audio recording, he was misunderstood. He said he rehearsed it carefully and yet was never given credit. He wanted to say, “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” He got stuck with the redundancy of : “one small step for man” where “man” means “mankind”.


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