I Hate Poetry

I claw through words
growling to rip the meat,
add a soupçon to
a consommé, but
don’t make me
eat my soup in the woods

Like a bear
I hate poetry, because
it’s senseless to be dense
letting forest rangers throw
huh words in a campfire.

What would I want with dense description:
it makes my soup too thick, and
if I burn my tongue,
emotions will be hot
without corn indigestible.

Don’t make me
eat in the woods. My
kingdom for a kitchen table.

Can I just have my
Parmesan cheese, nutty and fine,
not looking for
in the wallpaper, equations for space travel,
’cause I can stare beyond the stars
some other time
after I’ve had
my soup with a spoon that need not be silver like the moon,
a simple spoon, only

large enough not to stew me,
not vaporize ineffables like vegetables

2 thoughts on “I Hate Poetry

  1. I like this a lot, Doug—especially the “forest rangers throwing huh words into the campfire.” That’s almost an all-purpose metaphor for our times.

    If you’re interested, a good friend of mine—a prominent actuary who is just as likely to read poetry in his spare time—commented at length on the climate change debate—including solar flares. His response is on “Respect Your Mother,” and his name is Allan.


    1. Those forest rangers sometimes do OK with lucubration. It can be interesting to use words that are usually only used in one form like “beck” by itself, or “inhere” as a verb form rather than “inherent” which is the more usual noun. That one is a struggle because there are so few sentences to consult that use it in its verb form. Risk inheres the day like a casual walk becomes a faux pas?


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