The Car Nation On A Lawn

Eee ha, ho down horse around,
dance the rainy reign reins away.

Rains rein in the picnic nit picks
but for every weed given rein to,
there will grow a rein-Carnation
and a carnation reincarnated as a weed.

14 thoughts on “The Car Nation On A Lawn

  1. Awesome poem, I always love your wordplay. It’s fun to read, kinda the same way a riddle is.
    Reincarnation sounds tricky. I think when you die, you forget things before you move on to the next life. I’ve thought about it a lot. So I suppose a weed wouldn’t even remember being a carnation in the past. Maybe just important bits and piecea here and there. I guess weeds and carnations have a lot in common in the grand scheme of things though. Never mind, haha…I’m tired and rambling on…


      1. These typos like dueling scars are indicia of scholarship. It’s like when a paramecium multiplies in a medium, the group can optionally be called “paramecia”. I heard somewhere that one slice of pizza is in some obscure circles, if it has no toppings, called a “piecium”, and many slices are “piecia”. Well, that’s probably not true, but a seagull who was stealing my pizza swore by that interpretation.


        1. Seagulls are very wise so I’m sure it probably knew what it was talking about. Maybe it was just remembering the Piecea from a past life where that was common knowledge. I’ve never know a seagull that was mistaken about anything breadlike. They seem to be connoisseurs of all things dough related, hehe


    1. Thanks. There have been some studies of young children who seem to remember past lives. They’ve been able to do these studies in cultures where they believe in it, because they don’t tell the children when they talk about their previous lives to “shut up and stop talking nonsense,” “it’s just a dream,”. I don’t remember what studies I read years ago, but I just did a quick google search. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but I’ll look at it later.
      Past Lives:the True Story of the Children Who Have Lived Before


      1. Yeah, I suppose I have read about that stuff too. I just forgot… I have memory issues and blanks sometimes. I think there was a child who remembered being in the army or air force (I think he flew planes?) And could even remember names of people he’d known and things like that. Pretty amazing stuff. I think most people forget though. Maybe if parents helped their child try to remember while at a young age they could piece together more.
        I had a death experience when I was 17 and was left for dead in the woods for about 7 hours. Maybe it was the head injury that caused my memory issues though, not the crossing or uncrossing of life lines.


          1. Yeah, it made me believe in an after life. That our souls don’t just die, when our bodies do.
            My grandpa was a preacher, so I’d grown up in the church. But as a teen I’d been battling depression and challenging/ questioning all the beliefs that I’d grown up with. For a while I really didn’t believe in anything, because I didn’t have any ‘proof’. But it changed that.


      2. Oh yeah, there it is. The boy who remembered being a fighter pilot. Pretty awesome. Wouldnt it be amazing to be able to at least remember the important life lessons so we didn’t have to relearn everything again and again?


        1. Yes, it’s a puzzle. I’m not very good at learning life lessons. And then worse, when there’s someone who i’m supposed to help, I can’t do it completely because I’m not skilled enough and don’t know enough to help and vice versa. I’ve heard people say things like, “If you told them exactly what to do, they wouldn’t learn it for themselves,” etc. Um, no, I can’t see the harm in a few clues… The only one benefiting from that philosophy is the screenwriter for the movie “Clueless” I suppose…


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