One of my Robots has escaped from the Lab

    I haven’t written many new poems lately (there’s just the 300 old ones). I’ve been pushing my robots to write new ones for me. They don’t like the pressure. One of them, Rasmus K. Robot, has escaped and is trying to set up his own accounts. He is going to compete with me. He’s writing 2,048 poems per second. That would be 176,947,200 poems per day. I think he’s going to try for World Domination. I think it’s just a matter of PR. He doesn’t have to be that good — just a little better than the poetry of a gorilla. I got a short message from him demanding that I publish 10,000 of his best poems. Seems a bit much.

I posted this one of my own on twitter @ xytgeist . I think there were a few more but not close to 10,000. I don’t have a title for this. It was based on a prompt of “click”.

Click-claque Marie had no
hand in the applause racket
despite her nom de guerre

They say we clicked —
She, the racketeer of passion
I, the raconteur

We’re a hit.
(Applause line)

2 thoughts on “One of my Robots has escaped from the Lab

  1. Wow! That’s a whole lot of poems! I could never even write that many in a lifetime…
    I’m in Seattle with a friend, staying in a historic hotel. I thought old hotels had thick plaster walls…but i can hear every word of the conversation next door, ha…
    I think it’s a nice city though, lots of exploring to do…


    1.     That sounds exciting. I hope you have a good time. I think in the old days they didn’t plaster their opinions all over the place, and they did a lot more whispering. They were the whispers in the night, those lovers in old Seattle who were jealous that President Polk had a campaign slogan for the Northern border of Oregon: “Fifty-four forty or fight!” That’s sort of irrelevant but for some reason I remembered wrong that it was the latitude of the Washington border — I looked it up and it’s the latitude of the Oregon border. Oh well. Maybe that’s what they used to whisper about when they wanted to needle someone.
          Yes, there should be lots to explore. Have a great time.


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