Les chances

Il y a une chance que
tu as vu comment je vole,
comment mes yeux brillent
quand votre regard de passion
se fond dans un regard de plus:
plus de nous

et j’ai faim de toi:
pour plus de
une rencontre fortuite
plus qu’un
touche décontractée;
beaucoup plus

Vous êtes invités à assister à un dîner officiel:
porte ton visage public mais
viens nu
There is a chance that
you saw how I fly,
how my eyes shine
when your passion look
blends into one more look:
more of us

and I’m hungry for you
for more
a chance meeting
just one more
casual touch;
much more

You are invited to attend an official dinner:
wear your public face but
come naked

3 thoughts on “Les chances

  1. I love it! Sounds like an exciting touch and dinner. Quite sexy sounding or at least it leads my mind in that direction, especially with the ending line. I suppose it’s pretty hot to come naked…


    1. Thanks. I got a little lost in translations and back translations. I know how we use “façade” in English, but sometimes when English borrows words from other languages it changes the meaning and adds a few new connotations, and sometimes a native speaker of the other language does not recognize the English interpretation. So I used “visage”. But anyway, somewhere I have an English version that’s better. I’ll have to search for it. I’m getting all mixed up. I originally intended to be more direct and less ambiguous. People put on a false front but in true love they embrace all their true emotions and hidden thoughts… well, anyway, that’s all very theoretical. Who knows the truth… the owl says “who” but it doesn’t really know…
          Hmm, hot… I should search for that poem about leaving the gambling casino — I don’t remember the name… it had something to do with “strip poker” I think… I don’t remember if it was any good or not.


      1. I guess that’s how I will know if I’ve found true love. If someone embraced all my true emotions and hidden thoughts; you know, the real ‘me’ without excpecting me to change, or me having to pretend that I’ve changed. I guess that would really be love…


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