In the earthquake
the favorite cup of my love was broken,
broken too the urn of her on the mantelpiece;
you, angel, have gone again in the wind,
fires have broken out and
the ashes from you have mixed with
the ashes of disaster, and
I join the march of broken people
soon to die as a crevice widens with dawn.

My child cries out:
Why is the world broken?

2 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Sad…it’s hard enough to lose someone. And almost just as hard to lose the last things you held onto from them. I have a customer that just came back from California and was there during the earthquakes there. Sounds so scary…the ground moving beneath your own feet


    1. Yes. New York City is on bedrock and there’s a fault that runs east on 14th street all the way out to Long Island. But when there was a minor Earthquake (5) in Canada once, I was sitting on a chair at 5am(or maybe it was 3am) and I felt like I was suddenly on a roller-coaster that moved under me like the bones of a horse.and the lamp shade swung back and forth( the room was oriented west to east). They say that the last Earthquake that happened in New York City was 100,000 years ago.


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