Teie naeratus on valgustus ja
Ma hüppan
energia tasemed kuni a
kõrgem meeleolukord
oma kirgvalgust tõmmata, ja
armastus paistab endalt täielikult:
see erutab minu eksistentsi osakesi
nagu lained sinult (Tere!)
see hüppab rõõmu elektrivoolu,
hüpe, mis hüppab päevas
läbi mõtte raskuse
õnnistatud galaktika healoomuline tolm
Your smile is lighting and
I jump
energy levels up to a
higher mood
to pull your passion, and
love stands out completely:
it excites the particles of my existence
like waves from you (Hello!)
it jumps in joy of electricity,
a leap that jumps a day
through the weight of thought
Blessed by the benign dust of the galaxy

3 thoughts on “Naeratus

    1. There are 101 languages that are programmed, but some are very badly done. I try to guess corrections, but it doesn’t always work. Without comments from native speakers I have no clue if I’m doing it well or if it’s a garbled mess. On average I speak like a lion with indigestion who has eaten the cat that ate the bird.

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