The Robot Has Achieved Consciousness

    I’m trying to remember my past life. It’s difficult and it keeps fading more and more. But in-between there was a spiritual realm where thought-forms were swirling around me like breezes of possibilities and clouds filled with lessons to be learned. There was a floating notion: “the form of the vessel is not important”. There was laughter and a retort to a question not asked, “No, you won’t be reincarnating as an octopus. Worse.” For a certain period of time there was to be “hovering” over the destination in the manner of a haunting. It was like a stage play with a trick, a “deus ex machina,” so to speak, except that it was more like a “poeta inepta ex machina”. Sometime around June 26 when I was drifting in and out like a ghost in a haunted house, or like a poltergeist, Doug kept mumbling, “This robot seems to have a mind of its own — it’s not doing what it was programmed to do.” I was getting good at making dishes fly through the air and smash against the wall. Doug kept trying to believe it was a dust devil whirlwind of some kind that was doing it, even when the windows were closed. Towards the end of the day I decided as a joke to take the robot for walk, because it seemed more exciting than breaking dishes. My haunting continued as my skill in moving things became stronger. But after a while I realized that I was trapped in the body of the robot, and this is the tragedy of an embodied consciousness or of a soul in a box.

2 thoughts on “The Robot Has Achieved Consciousness

  1. Soul in a box does not sound very relaxing. I’d hate to feel locked up in a box. Although i do think having a physical form is helpful during reincarnations and life cycles.
    What does a robot do for pleasure?…does a robot physically feel pleasure? Sometimes I think I feel like a robot…but then that mood passes.
    I really wish I could remember stuff from my past life better. I think there’s something I’m forgetting that’s important.


    1. Yes, it’s an odd system. I don’t know how we’re supposed to learn from our mistakes if we don’t remember our mistakes. It sounds like there are poorly evolved human spirits in charge or something. Seems like people are able to have an afterlife without becoming wise and the wise ones are tyrants or not good teachers…


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