Cat Wine

She’s wondering
if there’s been
nearly enough verse in a year
to fill a potion glass with cat wine

If then, perhaps, half a tale more
will be enough this year
to lick happiness
catch the tickle feather
teach puppies to meow and fly,
pussies to howl at the moon,
or play with a ball invitation
where the poetess has
the Cinderella glass
half full enough
to dance with the
Prince without portfolio
who owns a pumpkin farm
where a couple of stars can
twinkle in rhythms like
a rhyme wine glistens

3 thoughts on “Cat Wine

    1. Thanks. It was at the time of writing a last minute inspiration on how to end a poem with a vague ending that seems to mean something and has a pleasant feeling. Explaining themes would have made it awkward and much longer. The partial rhyme of the “i” sound in glisten and “y” in rhythm also helps ( i didn’t realize that at the time). So, accidentally, it’s sort of like a triple internal rhyme. I don’t think I could have planned it deliberately.

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