Now I’ve gotten really mixed up

I made a new website for Utcoozhoo and then I changed the USN and website name and changed back or something — I don’t even remember. And then I accidentally made 2 websites and it looked like one disappeared, but it didn’t. So I got the 2 back, but I thought while I’m at it I’ll give 1 to a different name and that invalidated or disappeared one I thought. But it was still there reachable with the new login.
    So I think it’s 2 under one name. Maybe. Um uh… I’m exhausted making and breaking.

Anyway, I’m posting here to see who or if I am here and who I am at the moment. If the new ones are gone or broken that’s ok because I didn’t get that far that there’s much to lose. Of course, the more I continue with those elusive ones, the more I’ll have to lose if I break them….

7 thoughts on “Now I’ve gotten really mixed up

  1. Sounds like quite the confusing situation and lots of websites.
    Sometimes i feel like i need more versions of myself. If I could just replicate a second me to stay home and work on my website, while the other me goes to work at the restaurant then I would be so much further along. haha…Like, maybe Dandegirl could start helping Queen Bunnybee out since she’s obviously broken and not writing poetry anymore. Perhaps she’d be useful in web development? Giggling…

    So did this post help you figure out who is who and what is what?


    1.     Yeah, I think I’m understanding it a little better. I’m using the two new ones to experiment on. I have many versions of myself except that they have to share one body with an overall time limit. I suppose that’s more like the “Author’s or Actor’s” multiple-personality disorder which is supposed to organize all the characters. I’m trying to organize the side bars a little better so long gone posts can be found more easily. The problem is that the daily posts have to be done because the search engines look for “active” blogs and they index the posts as they happen. The ones saved on a page are easier to find but they don’t get tags that an engine would notice. So the daily post page is not by topic. So you have to stick them(or mark them) in a category that can be found in the future without having to scroll endlessly down the daily posts.
          But WP makes an embarrassing mockery of experimentation. I make an empty test post just to see exactly where it’s going to appear, and I get pollyanna notices, “Wow, congratulations, you’ve done your first post. Tell your friends about it. Congratulations you’ve done your second post — show everyone your new blog… you’re doing super work etc…”


      1. That makes sense with the active blogs and search engines to draw more traffic.
        I’ve been trying to learn about all the SEO keywords. If i have a lot of keywords people searching for the product will be able to find it easier. I sold out of my Eagle earrings on etsy already. The popular search that people found them from was ‘Bird of Prey’. When i first entered that term in the SEO tags i thought maybe it was silly but it’s pulled a bunch of hits on my page. Im building the etsy page at the same time as my actual website. It’s not technically finished yet but I’ve sold a few things from it alteady.


        1. That sounds encouraging. You’ve developed an eagle eye for good tags. I hope that’s a sign of good things to come. So this is all good news except that it’s going to mean a lot more work and creating that clone is going to be extra hard — if you can make a fully functioning human clone, you’ll get the Nobel Prize. I don’t know how many people on the Nobel Prize Committee are interested in buying jewelry — maybe a few. Well, you can wear some at the ceremony…

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      2. [edit]
        Wordpress is silly with their little congratulatory suggestions, lol! I guess they’re just trying to get first time users stoked about the experience. Us people who’ve been on here for a while don’t really need the ‘high five’ posts haha


          1. Yeah I’ve done that a lot when I type fast even though I know the difference. Fingers type by sound without consulting with me. My worst typo seems to have something to do with “all words composed of a single letter” : so my fingers type “a” when I mean “I”

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