Artechouse, NY (09.16.2019)

It looks like Refik Anadol has done a great job. It’s intriguing how he has used machine learning to synthesize all the visual data of architecture, past and present styles etc. [Reblog from Yaprak Ugurses]

Becoming A New Yorker

Good morning, Bon Appétit, Good night, from me to
you, whenever and wherever you are reading this today!

Every single day at New York is a new,
unexpected experience. You would imagine for me to run from one class to
another, spend nights sleeplessly studying at the library, drink ten shots of
espresso daily, and barely find time to leave for myself. Well, there is all
that, except of course, I try to limit my caffeine consumption to four shots a
day. Now stop for a second and imagine having hundreds of pages to read and multiple
essays assigned for tomorrow in alignment with the midterm season so subtly yet
hastily approaching.

scenario sounds too exhausting, depressive even. Thankfully, that is not the
case — at least it partially is. Classes
begun full paced right after the orientation-intended Welcome Week at NYU and I
have been assigned new tasks…

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