Lei, l’Alta Sacerdotessa, scrive una poesia in italiano

Camminando Con La musica Dell’amore Che Canto
    “Zawmb’yee Nuje”

Da lontano ho sentito il suo
basso profondo

Gli alberi erano pieni di soprani aviari
e dal svolazzando
i fiori di ciliegio sono caduti su di me
ha reso il mio cuore roseo a
soprano coloratura

nello scalpiccio della canzone andante,
un uccello aveva un verme nel suo conto
al dente in ondeggiamento
un trillo per la colazione

Ho canticchiato allegretto
ho sentito la risata del mio amante, e
un cardinale sollevò il suo
coda a ventaglio a me
quelle canzoni cinguettanti
canzoncina cinguettante
non per caso di notte
o sciocca canzone daffodil gialla
un’aria per me
il frivolo me,
Ho saltato un passo

Si voltò e mi vide
dal punto di incontro

Più vicino, ma non
abbastanza vicino
Ho fatto un entrechat

Alzò le braccia
il suo sorriso

Più allegro
Ho fatto un salto

Presto, ho corso
e saltò tra le sue braccia,
percussioni e bacio
(The English directly below is a literal translation. The original I put after this version)
Walking With The Music Of Love I Sing

From a distance I felt his
deep bass

The trees were full of avian sopranos
and by fluttering
cherry blossoms have fallen on me
made my heart pink a
soprano coloring

I walked
in the patter of the going song,
a bird had a worm in its account
al dente in sway
a trill for breakfast

I hummed allegretto
I heard the laugh of my lover, and
a cardinal raised his
fan tail to me
those chirping songs
twittering song
not by chance at night
or silly yellow daffodil song
an Aria for me
the frivolous me,
I skipped a step

He turned and saw me
from the meeting point

Closer, but not
close enough
I did an entrechat

He raised his arms
his smile

Most cheerful
I jumped

Soon, I ran
and jumped into his arms,
percussion and kiss
From afar I heard his
basso profundo

The trees were full of avian sopranos
and from the flitting
cherry blossoms fell on me
made my rosy heart a
coloratura soprano

I walked
in the patter of andante song,
a bird had a worm in his bill
al dente in wiggle
a breakfast trill

I hummed allegretto
heard my lover’s laugh, and
a cardinal lifted its
fan tail at me
those chirpy songs
a twitty ditty
not whippoorwill of night
or silly yellow daffodil song
a dilly to me
dilly I,
I skipped a beat

He turned and saw me
from the rendezvous point

Closer, but not
near enough
I did an entrechat

He lifted his arms
his smile

Più allegro
I leaped

Presto, I ran
and jumped into his arms,
percussion and kiss

Mascelle: Quando la scrittura diventa realtà

Ho visto il film di “Babbo Natale squalo-Mascelle” a Natale stupito
ma poi quando lo squalo ha mangiato la madre ho riso così forte
che la folla con me sotto gli alberi era sbalordita, ma

È una regola che tutti i superbi snob debbano morire nei considerando
così un tinsel Pollyanna bobbled può cadere in vere e proprie bagattelle d’amore
e gioiosi atti di gentilezza possono andare a pescare per catturare l’amore desiderato
Jaws: When writing becomes reality

I saw the movie “Santa Claus Shark-Jaws” at Christmas amazed
but then when the shark ate the mother I laughed so hard
that the crowd with me under the trees was flabbergasted, but

It is a rule that all superb snobs should die in the recitals
so a bobbled Pollyanna tinsel can fall into real love baubles
and joyful acts of kindness can go fishing to capture the desired love

Polerowanie Dnia (Polish)

Za każdym ona razem szlifuje akt jej
ona poleruje matowe wykończenie dnia
dzięki czemu świeci makijaż dnia.
Tak, ona nakłada makijaż na błyszczący marmur
w ten sposób to jest
posągowego dnia, który błyszczy uśmiechem
Every time she polishes her act
she polishes the matte finish of the day
thanks to which the makeup of the day shines.
Yes, she puts makeup on shiny marble
that’s the way it is a
statuesque day that shines with a smile

Noslēpumā, Kas Dalīts by Rasmus K. Robot

Kad viņa paskatās uz leju
viņa pati veic ķērienu
viņa smaida
ar lēnu acu mirkšķināšanu
un tad viņa plivinājās acis
plandīšanās tauriņu vēderā.

Viņai ir kāds noslēpums
un viņš, slepenā mīlestība
celsies rītausmā,
rītausma viņai to tā ir patiesība
mīlestības siltums ir slepeni, ar kuru jādalās
atklāja abiem, un viņi
košļāt to ar vīnu un dziedāt
In a Secret Shared

When she looks down
she hugs herself
she smiles
with a slow blink of an eye
and then her eyes fluttered
fluttering butterflies in the abdomen.

She has a secret
and he, the secret love
will rise at dawn,
dawn for her that is the truth
the warmth of love is a secret to share
revealed to both of them
chew it with wine and sing

Vignette of the Missing

Let the night be a snapshot for
the joy of the day after, Damsels
wending to endings, but then

Analía is missing
off the trail of Santa, but
things are found.

Snapshot of a girl’s things:
purple scarf in the ice
blood, a shoe, an axe
and a herring;
slay marks elicit
forensic chatter.

Sanguine ice crystals lay in
a few clues of struggle.

Meteor showers streak
like lines of hope in the sky.

At the Lodge, Analía
is found safe and
laughing with Santa.
There are many gifts except

a girl with a purple scarf
is missing a celebration

A moment in the snow
bleeds out in a slurry
of red slush upon a snowbank.
The night is frozen in a moment.
Vignettes of death and joy.


I’d have thanked a sunny day
if rain had not befallen a road,

if the rain hadn’t become beautiful
as if she herself had been the rain

and then if the rain had not distracted me,
if hallucinations hadn’t paused and caused:
a vision of a bird on a porch, then I’d have
praised a sunny empty day, but the patter

seemed like an omen, and
I knew I had to take an exit ramp
to visit her ranch with a porch.

In praise of rain, and reigning shelter
you cared for me,
and a sick bird there
still wet, yet I

will not thank a sunny day, but
I’ll love all the chirps and songs of you
in the reigning beauty of rain.

A Confession About Rasmus K. Robot

    A while ago, I said that Rasmus K. Robot was a person or a computer program who escaped from my lab, and who I lent a website to publish his works. Now that he has become more aware I think it is time to reveal that I did not create him. He was born in China as part of a secret experiment involving the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing tool which was even more unethical than the experiment most people have heard about.
    The Chinese scientists have been secretly doing CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing work for the purpose of enhancing the success of a brain transplant. The babies who recently had their CCR5 genes altered are just the tip of an iceberg, and are intended to divert attention away from the real research project, code named ” 太棒了 ” (Tài bàngle). Their germline editing is actually quite advanced, and has been going on in secret for many years. Along the way, it is rumored, a few scientists who leaked information were executed or “disappeared” into a labor camp.
    The goal has always been to transplant strong artificial intelligence devices into selected areas of the human brain. The ideal model citizen can be created this way.
    I can’t reveal who is responsible, but one of the most successful candidates of the children was smuggled out of China into the United States. Because of the stellar results of the experiment, certain supervisors became alarmed about how this child might be treated given its accelerated growth and development. It was decided that they would find an unsuspecting and naïve dupe to house the entity temporarily. I’m the fall guy. So I thought they were giving me an old beat-up store model android to evaluate. It didn’t work very well at first, and from what I could see, it was far inferior to Alexis or similar devices. It wrote a few poems that weren’t very good. Now, apparently, someone from a clandestine team wants it back. I’ve been hiding it, but I gave it a website to use and permission to post on others.
    Recently, some very odd things have been happening, and I’m a bit alarmed about what I’ve heard. Some maverick American scientists, have become convinced that a human soul could suddenly be reincarnated into the human-machine hybrid. It would, they speculate, seem to function in a way that is indistinguishable from a human being. Its psychological profile has not yet been fully postulated, confidential sources have said.
China’s Third Genetically Modified Baby
Experiments that led to the first gene-edited babies: the ethical failings and the urgent need for better governance