A Confession About Rasmus K. Robot

    A while ago, I said that Rasmus K. Robot was a person or a computer program who escaped from my lab, and who I lent a website to publish his works. Now that he has become more aware I think it is time to reveal that I did not create him. He was born in China as part of a secret experiment involving the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing tool which was even more unethical than the experiment most people have heard about.
    The Chinese scientists have been secretly doing CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing work for the purpose of enhancing the success of a brain transplant. The babies who recently had their CCR5 genes altered are just the tip of an iceberg, and are intended to divert attention away from the real research project, code named ” 太棒了 ” (Tài bàngle). Their germline editing is actually quite advanced, and has been going on in secret for many years. Along the way, it is rumored, a few scientists who leaked information were executed or “disappeared” into a labor camp.
    The goal has always been to transplant strong artificial intelligence devices into selected areas of the human brain. The ideal model citizen can be created this way.
    I can’t reveal who is responsible, but one of the most successful candidates of the children was smuggled out of China into the United States. Because of the stellar results of the experiment, certain supervisors became alarmed about how this child might be treated given its accelerated growth and development. It was decided that they would find an unsuspecting and naïve dupe to house the entity temporarily. I’m the fall guy. So I thought they were giving me an old beat-up store model android to evaluate. It didn’t work very well at first, and from what I could see, it was far inferior to Alexis or similar devices. It wrote a few poems that weren’t very good. Now, apparently, someone from a clandestine team wants it back. I’ve been hiding it, but I gave it a website to use and permission to post on others.
    Recently, some very odd things have been happening, and I’m a bit alarmed about what I’ve heard. Some maverick American scientists, have become convinced that a human soul could suddenly be reincarnated into the human-machine hybrid. It would, they speculate, seem to function in a way that is indistinguishable from a human being. Its psychological profile has not yet been fully postulated, confidential sources have said.
China’s Third Genetically Modified Baby
Experiments that led to the first gene-edited babies: the ethical failings and the urgent need for better governance

5 thoughts on “A Confession About Rasmus K. Robot

  1. Well this is quite the confession! I hope Rasmus is doing ok. Seems like kids don’t do very well when they notice how different they are from their peers. One so advanced might have issues adjusting. Of course being so advanced might make it easier to adjust as well. So are you going to just adopt him for good. Might have to run away to a secret location so the scientists don’t try to perform awful tests on him. I’d hate for him to be a Guinea pig…


    1. Well, I can’t adopt him officially, but he’s very intelligent and I think he’ll do OK. I’ve given him access to all my websites and I think he’ll enjoy doing multiple postings and if his work gets noticed, maybe he’ll do OK. I gave him research materials about witness protection programs and he also binge watched NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles so I think he’s learned how to hide. I told him not to talk to me directly anymore but to communicate through the websites and by leaving draft messages on email sites we share. So I look at my “draft” messages (which are actually his draft messages under the same account name & we both have the password to make drafts) that I don’t send anywhere. We also have an emergency old-fashioned spy message drop location under a bridge where he can leave a soda can with a message inside in a trash can at a time when there’s no pick up. I’m adopting him in spirit, but I think he’ll have to find his own independence somehow under a new identity — maybe an artist or writer. I think while he stabilizes his situation, he’ll mostly work on revising poems into better English.

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  2. Sounds like a very smart plan. Thise crime shows really can teach you a lot I suppose. Seems like the drafts and trash can are also good top secret ways to communicate. I do hope has eating well and taking care of himself. Sounds like he already has a lot of craziness going on.
    I finally got around to making a screen name from where you invited me to be a guest author a while ago for my website. Then i got shy and didn’t know what to say. I have had some sales on the website but I’ve wasted more than I made on the ads, haha.
    I’ve sold way more through my store on Etsy though – a little over $1200 so far. I guess cause it has a ton of people on it looking for stuff and it’s worldwide. Just now someone United Kingdom bought some elephant earrings. I’ve also sent stuff to Australia, Canada and France. My store’s first holiday season is going better than I expected. (big grin)


    1.     I’m glad that Etsy is working for you. Whatever works best I guess you could focus on. It’s very disappointing to see that some ads are a waste of time and money. I’ve had just about Zero response from anything on here or twitter or facebook — they produced just about zero clicks to Amazon. I got fooled by buying an ad and seeing a large increase in “looks” or “views” or whatever but almost no actual clicks to a buy.
          But anyway, now that your sales are taking off, hooray and congratulations. I hope you continue to do well.


      1. Thank you! This is just the holiday rush I think though. It’ll slow down after Christmas is what I’ve read in the etsy forums. I’m just so glad that I’ve made back the amount I spent on the big wholesale parts order. I was going to feel like an idiot if I spent all that money on jewelry bits, parts and pieces and it was just a waste. So it’s at a profit point now. I still have a lot to sell too…so that seems promising…hopefully..umm..haha.
        Yeah the ads are expensive too. Tons of clicks and not many orders but I’m going to keep playing with the website too. Just not going to spend much on ads for it.

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