I want to touch you
in all the wrong places
because I see you everywhere I go

everywhere I want you;
everywhere I see you, and
I want you to love me
as much as I do you

Oh sorry,
I didn’t mean to embarrass you
with my enthusiasm, but

Don’t we have fun?
I know we do. I
know we laugh so well
when we hear each other
love the world we share.

Oh in such drama that I see,
you kiss the world and me, and
though I want to share you, can you
come home to my game,
to my play with you, when we
celebrate our sharing.

3 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. A beautiful and happy poem…Sounds nice to have such sexy enthusiasm. I wish I could trust my enthusiastic moments but I have trouble trusting anymore. Every time I think I love someone, they choose some other girl over me…it makes me feel like I am not enough in some way or another. Maybe one day I’ll be enough for someone…cause I don’t like sharing the one I love with others.


  2. Thanks. Yes, it’s hard to find anyone in real life who is trustworthy. I wonder if there is some unknown built-in mechanism in the subconscious that drives us to seek and find the wrong people. Something that seems attractive might actually be a warning sign that we’d see if the mechanism wasn’t broken. I guess in a way that’s the serendipitous theme of so many of those romantic comedies where someone pursues a doomed relationship while the right person is lurking in the background as a casual friend. Of course, for the movies, it always works out. In real life the serendipity objects just vanish or run away or the would-be friends reject each other because neither fits each others built-in defective profile.
        I hope your business is doing well. It must be very hard and time-consuming. It’s been a pretty warm winter so far. It’ll soon be over according to the groundhog except for that person in the movie who will relive one day over and over. I wonder if anyone else would learn so much about people by repeating a day until they do — the spell wasn’t broken until he learned to love and know everyone in that small town.


    1. That must be it! Otherwise why would we keep ending up with people who aren’t the right ones? Or settling for what seems like a safe choice when the big sparks aren’t there? I’m just worn out on pursuing the wrong relationships…If I have a Mr Right lurking in the background I sure wish he’d make it clear that he liked me more than just a friend. I’m tired of the romantic comedy life, it gets old laughing at myself, Haha…
      I’m sick right now…caught the flu. Feeling pretty icky. But yeah the business is going pretty good. My best seller is my Butterfly earrings. I sell more of those than anything else. Not sure why they’re so popular but I had to order more butterfly charms after Christmas and they are still selling like hotcakes. January was kinda slow but I had 9 sales this weekend and 3 yesterday (all butterflies except two necklaces ha). So it’s picking back up. Paying for advertising on Etsy is how I seem to get the most sales compared to advertising for my website. I guess people trust Etsy more because it’s been around a while. Plus it has a lot more traffic already coming to it from all over the world. I mailed a tassel keychain to London the other day too. I’ve also sent stuff to Canada, Australia & France. Kinda cool.
      It has been a warmer winter maybe that means spring will bring love and flowers and maybe the groundhog could start predicting love instead of weather. Matchmaker groundhogs could be the next big thing. ♡

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