On Of

Of the day, she is sunshine
Of the night, lust and joy are we
because she speaks of love, and
she knows of what she whispers
in the ear of my soul

Yes, of this I know
on these touches of the days
of flight soaring on our highs

On this, of this
of joy

4 thoughts on “On Of

    1. Thanks. But alas it’s a fictional narrator. It was written in response to someone asking how to use the word “of” in a “literary way.” I don’t know what they meant exactly but I assumed using it outside of a prepositional phrase and in a different place in the sentence. I often write in first person but it’s almost never me.


      1. I think that’s why I have trouble writing lately. Because I have issues writing from first person when I don’t feel the things I’m writing about. And lately I don’t like to think about my feelings. I think I used to do ok with fictional short stories though. When I first started writing on a daily basis I was a teenager and my therapist made me keep a journal about my life and the things that happened and ways I felt etc…but they always just ended up being poetry notebooks eventually. Maybe I should given journaling another chance but make up a character to write from. It could stimulate the poetic juices…maybe


        1. Yes, making up a character can help express feelings. It’s an odd thing sometimes if you really get into it. I’ve let a character write a story and got a good response, but then I became jealous of myself when people liked the character better than myself. Sometimes I can think analytically about something and write from logic, and then sometimes something strange happens. I put that writing aside. Then I write in a different mode. I put the new mode version aside, and check the original one. And then later when I re-read the new mode version, I often catch myself mumbling out-loud “That’s good. Now why didn’t I think of it?” And then I think, wait, it is “I”: I wrote that. Also, it’s interesting to imagine how someone else would feel, and how they might express themselves. I like how Zawmb’yee Nuje writes, but sometimes I get mad when people like her better than me. But that’s silly because I write her into existence.
              And now, they’re making everybody become me: they say stay at home and don’t go out except to buy food, and don’t let anyone come into your apartment, and don’t travel, keep your distance, don’t shake hands etc. .. I already do that… and now others states are saying watch out for New Yorkers — they should quarantine for 2 weeks if they go anywhere. Hmm, I hadn’t planned to go anywhere, but now they’re making me want to go somewhere.


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