I Am a Drip

Worthless I, I cry because
no one at all even
worthless you, Mom

me at all
and I would have loved Dad
had you not stabbed him
in the heart, and he
is gone I think, but
I don’t know —
I think we are dead.

Anyone, give me
a magic pebble
I can throw in the pond
where I used to go to pray
to play with a splash on me
who is a fountain who
is an endless cry, and I
can not stop myself from
wanting to drown

One thought on “I Am a Drip

  1. I don’t want you to drown. I’d give you a magic pebble if I had one to give. But, I feel worthless too, sometimes. It’s not like I’ve accomplished much of anything in my life and now I just sit here, in my house, in quarantine. I just hope that maybe the best stuff hasn’t happened yet. Maybe happiness and love wait just over the next hurdle.


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