Unknowns smashed into
the little old lady’s
Goode Notion Shoppe

Her old dog deftly
bit vandals well, teeth
into the foe fight, so
they left

she stayed overnight
pleased to rest a while,
thought they’d be back

She had a glass of wine
tapped her cane 13 times
and counted life in dog years.

In the morning
the dog howled, though
later the coroner came to see.

They were curled up
passing away in dog years
and the little Shoppe closed.

5 thoughts on “Bark

  1. Sad that the little old lady didn’t make it but at least she had her loyal, protective dog there with her. Great new poem! You have always had such a good imagination. Have you been doing ok lately? Everything is about the same here…


    1.      Ooops, I think I clicked the wrong box again. This could be a duplicate…
           Thanks. People with dogs worry me because dogs have such a short life. Maybe I said this already (I don’t seem to know when I’m repeating myself): we had a family dog who was a Labrador Retriever, and as a kid it felt like she was human, and I talked to her like she was, but one day I realized she had no idea what I was saying and I was disturbed to listen to my Mother put on an exaggerated sweet voice while she complained and criticized to the dog about her shedding hair all over everything, and complaining about how it was her Husband’s dog and she didn’t want her. And the dog just wagged her tail and licked her. The dog also loved my Father who I hated. And she loved strangers. She loved everyone. This is when I knew she wasn’t human, and her human persona died.
           I’m OK. I’m glad I moved out of a crime zone a few years ago, but I’m still very close to New York City. It’s such a phantom thing in the background, but I think my background anxiety is rising because of the looting in New York City. I always depended on seeing my landmarks when I emerged from the Long Island Railroad’s Penn Station: I could walk up half a block and see Macy’s department store. And I’ve walked past Saks Fifth Ave. and I thought the ground was stable. I’m afraid the next time I go, I won’t recognize anything. I remember I used to walk around New York City at 2am going to bars etc. without a problem and could travel around everywhere by hopping on the subway. And I used to be able to hang around Penn Station waiting for my train. I think there was a 3am train I could wait for in the waiting room and their were lots of food stores open in the station and I could buy the New York Times to read while I waited {that was before the Times started lying about everything and was a decent dependable paper}. I think, even when I missed the 3am train, it was safe enough to wait there for the 5am train.There were shops to look at on the Amtrak level and you could watch people waiting for trains to Washington and Florida and everywhere…


      1. Yeah, the dogs aren’t human but I think that’s one of the things that makes them even better, haha. They’re pack animals and definitely love their humans like they’re family. And even though they don’t completely understand english they do understand feelings. My dogs know if I’m happy, sad or about to have a panic attack. I don’t know how they sense it, but they do.

        Be careful when you go out and about. I hope things can be fixed from the rioting as quickly and safely as possible. We’ve had a lot of protests. Most were peaceful marching but some turned into riots with lootings. A bunch of businesses in downtown Louisville were really messed up.

        We have some sad family news right now. My grandma Dot died this morning. She had been in the hospital with a urinary tract infection and Covid-19. It’s really sad knowing I’ll never see her again…


        1. I’m very sorry about your Grandma. I hope that in the very distant future that if there is an afterlife that you’ll see her again. Hugs and blessings for you. Let sadness be kind with good memories and fondness.

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