How’s Everyone Doing?

To do or to dew?
That is the questionable.

I’m not doing anyone at this moment in thyme.
There is thyme for oregano and time for love,
only heaven knows when
the day is like a cheery cherry, covered in
elegant chocolate that feeds
the taste buds of do’s and don’t’s
that toot a horn that calls out “do” for
fools and others who wait for
anything that is not done for.

Forlorn to do, forlorn to not, for
she is gone like a cherry pie
stolen in the night with
only the pie pan playing like a tambourine.

3 thoughts on “How’s Everyone Doing?

  1. I am doing fine, but not doing anyone too. How are you doing? I like oregano and thyme and the way cheery cherries sounds.
    I’ve just been keeping busy with house chores and I’ve been pressure washing everything…literally the whole house! I still have half the house left. And only little bit of the deck railing is left. Then I’ll have to stain it to protect the wood. Too much work and no play makes me a boring girl, haha
    I’m trying to get stuff done at home while I’m not at work for the time being. We open back up on the 29th of this month.


    1. Ah indeed the pressure wash therapy and meditation and glory, and just remember to forget so that when you return home after the 29th of the month, you can say, “Wow, what a clean house. I wonder what Supergirl did that for me. She’s really good, and now I can come home to my comfort zone with a clean slate. I’m glad this mystery woman did this for me, because I could never do it.”


      1. Pressure washing is satisfying. I guess it’s because you get to see immediate results from the work.
        I could really use a supergirl clone of myself to get all the stuff done around here! Haha

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