The Loneliest Person on Earth

Read me like
I’m the smile behind the robber’s mask,
who steals sorrow, the Prince
at the masquerade ball who
yearns for the honest girl, Cinderella, and
who is the beast that is redeemed
to save the Beauty that

is an honest child of truth who can sing
as if the rose were the only flower of nature, and

the Great Horned Owl did not break
the spine of a fox with its talons and eat it.

I would stop cruel Nature and
find you who reaches out
to be a Princess from a Kingdom where

I will have sanctuary if
you can find me where I
live in space alone with deep cravings.

3 thoughts on “The Loneliest Person on Earth

    1. Reading about the Great Horned Owl was a great disappointment. It likes to eat things by tearing out pieces of flesh while the prey is still alive. And some other creatures do the same.


  1. Beautiful new poem. I would love a smiling robber who stole sorrow. Very fairy tale like, with the mystery prince at the masquerade ball. I agree, nature can be quite cruel with its great cycle of life. But luckily, there’s a lot of beautiful parts of it as well.


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