A beginning draft for the Wuhan series and beyond

Marks and Angles

Peace on the road
was to be achieved
through friendship
in fair weather, a
bounty before a storm
that she could not forsee

Jane’s final deterioration started
when all the local stores failed
and the aristocrats bought them.

Jane had gone batty
over the Summer:
older daughter home,
younger daughter beaten
dead by the gangs, and
she had been annoyed by
the constant chants on the speakers
of the Chinese language lessons
needed to earn guanxi

She had thought
fall would be better:
the eldest jumped for joy
when she was accepted
to a tuition-free school
as good as Harvard, a
part of the Red Ivy League, funded
by the Confucius Friendship Society

Her decline was sealed
the day the grocery store
checked her credit:
The princeling who owned it
refused to serve her because
she didn’t have enough
social credits for good behavior:
a black mark for twice not
wearing a red mask and
not passing her basic
Chinese language test.

All the stores had been
taken over by the princelings
after the coup d’etat, so
Jane had to walk far away
for an Amerigo Supermarket.

Walking was complicated:
she had to apply to
the ‘hood committee
to negotiate with the gangs
for safe passage.
(The citizen’s police
had no guns anymore)

Sitting at the window
she had a heart attack
when protestors
burned the Constitution
in a surise red fire
by the dawn’s early light

Proudly, great progress
was hailed without bullets
on the conveyance belt
and roadway to hell.

Censoring Artichokes

Artichokes should be banned because they have the word “choke” in them and could encourage violence. The artichoke is a type of thistle used as food; the edible parts are the pre-blooming flower buds. Some thistle spikes look like a corona virus. However, the thistle is a symbol of Scotland. The nutritional value of artichokes is in dispute by doctors. That is why their video was banned.

She’s an Anecdote for Easter

We watched the screen plays
in the Ides of March’s sins
and azithromycin

Studying the oracles of science
she embraced a protocol agreed to:
randomized controlled studies

It’s quintessential to have a placebo
hydroxychloroquine not sufficient

Though playful in loving banter
the study’s the thing she said, and
anecdotes make for clingy fools
who fall for miracle stories’ pull

anecdote doting
a sin

I begged her to take it,
and the plays were the thing, but

the clouds were gathering
the cytokine storm approaching,
a rapprochement for
Didier* and Tony**
not yet

Even though
she was old
and expendable,
I loved her

She’d loved to study
when she was a student
then found her doctorate Zen
randomized controlled studies

She did studies back when
and she was a professor then

But she embraced
the tragedies of protocol,
and Didier was not a saint;
this one neither known for
truffles nor foie gras.

We had gone from
station to station
into a favorite valley of us
where we’d first kissed the day;
Charlie the dog herded sheep for us
and he barked at seeing us play, and
we’d sought redemption thus, but

Macron journeyed to Marseille
to say je ne sais quoi to Raoult, but

She, my love, embraced the protocols
in a randomized controlled study
’cause she’s a professor at heart

we knew cytokine thoughts
were forming beclouded, oui
beyond reproach, yet taught
to put toes in the water

She got a placebo;
she died.

Didier Raoult
Saint Didier

Dr. Anthony Fauci
American physician and immunologist
director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases