Marks and Angles

An old word on a path of a thousand miles
begins with a single faux pas
said Laozi of the Dao De Jing

More than a two-step to completion
of propaganda and subversion —
it takes a bat and a virus to conquer.

Peace on the road
was to be woven
in friendships for
fair weather, a shrewd
bounty before fool’s storms,

in malice from unforeseen red feuds,
Jane’s tale was to fail in bans soon.

The Wuhan plague
brought chaos, and

when all the local stores failed
the aristocrats pro temp bought them
and Jane’s requiem began to play

Jane had gone batty
over the Summer:

older daughter home,
younger daughter beaten
dead by the gangs, and

she had been annoyed by
the constant chants on the speakers
of the Chinese language lessons
needed to earn guanxi like “1984”.

She had thought
fall would be better:
the eldest jumped for joy
when she was accepted
to a tuition-free school
as good as Harvard, a
part of the Red Ivy League, funded by
the Confucius Friendship Society

Pandora’s box
had bats in it for Jane.

Her decline was sealed
the day the grocery store
checked her credit score:
The princeling who owned it
refused to serve her because
she didn’t have enough caution
in social credits for conformity:
a black mark for twice not
wearing a red mask and
not passing her basic
Chinese language test.

All the stores had been
taken over by the princelings
after the coup d’etat, so
Jane had to walk far away
for an Amerigo Supermarket.

Walking was a complicated fate:
she had to hang with
the ‘hood committee
to negotiate with the gangs
just for a safe passage.
(The citizen’s police
had no guns anymore)

Sitting at the window
she had a heart attack
when protestors
burned the Constitution
in a surise red fire
by the dawn’s early light

Proudly, great progress
was hailed without bullets
on the conveyance belt
and roadway to hell.

6 thoughts on “Marks and Angles

  1. This poem has a lot to think about. Really gets the brain’s gears turning. I like the references in
    “it takes a bat and a virus to conquer.

    I feel bad for poor Jane, she had it rough!
    How have you been doing? Everything going ok?


    1. I’m trying to make something controversial and radical for a new e-book and then a print book. I only had a few China poems so I was desperately trying to squeeze out one more before publishing my new e-book which I’m trying to make provocative to promote sales. But it seems like a futile enterprise. And now my book company is making up-dates and “improvements” so I hope when I get to it that I won’t get any surprises. I have been empty because there is a craving to share something of me that can blend into another silly voice that dances with joy because to touch a soul is to rejoice. I feel better when I speak to another than when I sigh to myself. I don’t know what a connection should be other than glorious.


      1. That sounds like a good idea for your new book. Hope it brings about a lot of sales! I always hate when they do their improvements and it makes it hard or even impossible to work with.
        Yeah, I understand what you mean. I think such a connection would be glorious as well. I don’t know why it’s so hard to make connections and why the world has to be such a lonely place for so many people. I used to be so excited about finding love and now I’m not even really trying anymore.
        I was lonely so I signed up for a dating site but I feel weird because I was diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder not long ago and already had been diagnosed with ptsd. They had originally thought it was ADHD but they had been prescribing medicines and they just aggravated my issues. After a psych evaluation they ruled ADHD out and officially diagnosed me with the bipolar. The new meds are helping but I feel like once I disclose that info that most people would run for the hills. So that makes me not even want to start conversations with strangers on a dating site.
        Anyway, I am always here to talk to you and listen if you need someone. It is much better than sighing to oneself. I’m lucky to have you to listen to me.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It seems like although all the sciences have advanced and made great progress, psychology is still in the stone age. They do a lot of guessing. It’s almost like a bad episode of the TV show “House” where they keep getting the wrong diagnosis and in trying different things keep getting someone to the brink of death and back again. But in real life they often have no idea what to do. Sometimes they do this clever thing where they gather together a set of symptoms and then give it a name and its own acronym or something. The “we-don’t-know-what-the-heck-this-is” Syndrome. There’s no known cure for Wedntnow-hah-tis Syndrome yet.


    2. Oh gee, I just re-read this poem. It seems very tedious to me now. Maybe it needs transitions. Or maybe I’ll just stick it after my long “Olympic torch(My Three Cousins?) poem so it won’t seem so long in comparison. I don’t know if it makes any sense to have just 10 or so new poems tacked on to the basic 300. I guess for anyone who hasn’t read any it’s OK. It’s just going to be a tease title like the Wuhan girl joins the poets or something.


  2. And once they do start treating what they’ve diagnosed, it is hard to find the right medication cocktail. I really don’t want to take medicine at all but I have to stick with treatment for a bit to see how much it helps before I call it quits, I suppose.
    Wedntnow-hah-tis Syndrome, haha! That sounds about right!

    Liked by 1 person

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