I don’t want no f-ing two-step. I had a stereo once: I clicked the on switch, I heard music. No f-ing codes.

g-Hoover-dam rotten-apple excrement (ghdrae)
you (g-1)-ing excrement
I hate ghdrae apple.
I don’t want no (g-1)ing[ex] 2-step.
I put the ex-thing in airplane mode
just so you’d stop draining the battery
and stop connecting to the internet.
I bought the ex-ing thing for myself
for music and stuff, and not
to be harrassed and updated
and authenticated again —
the ex-ing thing is in my draw, and
I don’t want you to touch my ex-thing.

I hate the internet.
I hate life.
I hate dating up-dates.
It’s assault and battery.

I bought the ex-ing thing
to own it; not to share it.

Get you ex-ing hands
off my property.

I’m so angry
I want to throw it in the ocean
and my ancient self

I don’t need your help to vomit.
stop helping F/*!% apple

first the pandemic and now
the pod people
the body snatchers

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