Love Inheres a Romance True (Revision X)

[I lost track of how many drafts I’ve made. I don’t know if this is getting better or worse]

A free spirit loves everyone,
not one romance.

Leora had the light to be a day
to be of warmth, of wisdom
illuminating in humor’s dance
a candid banter to laugh
to play at night one lightly

But she’s a brilliant explorer now
who leaves to leaf through
dreams and dilemmas blue
who might have stayed
the day, the night too

In Leora’s magic night
I felt a deft embrace
of luscious touch, and
then in light had left, but

Her love inheres the day:
the wind and the birds
tweak her sayings for
philosophy nested away

Yet her love inheres the day:
she is warmth and
her light is the delight that
inheres my laugh when

remembering her yet
on unforgiving nights

How the winds are calm in frights
and the birds do die if a song is away
and the sun won’t rise inherently in me
because I was one of many she loved
and I had never really had her at all.

8 thoughts on “Love Inheres a Romance True (Revision X)

  1. I think it’s absolutely beautiful! I can feel a longing in the words. I especially liked the ending stanza and the last last two lines have an interesting contrast of sorts going on.


    1. Thanks very much for the comment. I needed that. I was exhausted with finding faults and not being satisfied. I suppose it’s a spill over of emotion because I’m feeling rejected all over the place. My “super-improved” book company with their updated procedures may have made a mistake or I did. In the old system they sent emails informing me when I made a format mistake and telling me how to fix it so they could send it on to Amazon. And they sent emails saying something like, “Congratulations, we submitted your work to Amazon and other distributors. It may take 4-6 weeks for approval…” Now I’ve gotten total silence as far as notifications. They just labeled it on my list of projects as “approved for distribution.” But it’s been more that 6 weeks and I don’t see it. In the old system they were very specific: “One of our distributors can not sell your work because the page numbers are inconsistent” etc. I always got a warning if something went wrong. Now I’m thinking that maybe Amazon censored it because it had a few poems about Wuhan China. Or maybe the book company didn’t submit it at all, It’s an eBook and they’re fussier about that. Maybe I should do a print book — but that’s going to be harder for me. I don’t feel motivated for that arduous task. (I have figure out what fits on a page and where to put the continues for the longer poems…


    2. P..S. Geez. I just found the reference documents for the book company. I did the cover wrong. They just took it and didn’t say anything. I’ve been waiting for nothing. It must mean they never submitted it. It’s doomed. I should forget it. Even if I redo it, it’s too late for a publicity scandal or whatever


      1. All of that sounds very complicated. So you waited all that time and they must’ve never even submitted it? That’s awful. I’d be upset with the process too. Sounds like publishing can be very tedious.


        1. They overhauled all their software and they’ve been having problems for months now. They got rid of their live help-line, and their editing programs — you used to upload your cover and the program helped you add a title and size it etc. Now it takes whatever you upload as is without comment etc. I haven’t tried the paper print book loading section yet. I’ve just used the eBook maker. The eBook is free. The print book you have to pay for an actual print copy delivered. I don’t think I’ll do that for a while. Any mistake is expensive. It was much better before because you got all kinds of warning messages and notices and referrals to information to get it right. Now, the notification system seems to be broken. Maybe I’ll just wait for them to fix it. I can’t be the only one having a problem. I hope I don’t have to go directly to Amazon because I’d have to learn their system which is different and they don’t distribute to other sellers…I hope they don’t put themselves out-of-business. I’d hate starting over with someone new.


          1. That would be annoying. So now you have you have to have the title and everything ready before you are able to upload it? Seems like it makes it much more difficult than it used to be, at least for the site users.
            I’ve just been working a lot, and trying to relax when I’m not at work. Kinda boring really.


            1. “Trying to relax” is such a mystery. My father’s favorite answer to what he was doing was “I’m just trying to relax.” He always said nothing was wrong and he felt fine or nothing, but he must have been intensely anxious and worried all the time after he left the orphanage… When we went on vacation, my Mother wanted to do sightseeing of horizons along the road, but he wanted to sightsee a chair on the side of a pool at a hotel. And his answer to what he was doing was always, “I’m just trying to relax.”
                  There is an underlying dread to every vague anxiety. I’ve tried to read about it and I’ve asked in different ways many times, and when i was a kid I used to think that “psychology”(as a ‘science’) had the modern answer to everything, but it turns out that they’re very ignorant: they don’t know anything real about life apparently. What is anxiety? They don’t know. It’s vague and uncomfortable and related to fear. The salve for it: food, sex, drugs, love, dogs, or miraculous success. Food is fattening, love in the classic sense I’ll never have apparently unless… Well then, boring is good.


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