Horseback Riding: Posting (Draft 2x ugh)

How to Post While Horseback Riding

Travelers are always advised to
rent a horse adorned by a host
with money in the saddlebags.
They must bide their time
to learn what the Big Guy wants.

The Hunter can easily ride and
catch feral contracts from the wolves
but beware the ides of October, and
the biding of October emails, for

when horse sense is in a New York barn,
and the story is trotted out of the equine:
right front and left hind quarters noted,
barnstorming for truth might begin

if the wags are stalling the horse
there’ll be ups and downs to posting

a story-tail wagging in New York might
clean the excrement from the Swamp

Alexander Hamilton had a horse.
He knew how to post, and
trot out the news.

There is a link to modern times.
Find it in a gallop to bide time and
follow the money unbidden.

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