*Notes from Belarus* by Rebel Poetess

Notes from Belarus (Version 3)
    by Rebel Poetess

We have elections too though
we have a dictator. Shush
I didn’t say that. So, dear fools:

Election fraud is so easy for one to do
when the opponent is a Demon in
your eyes, you looking at condonable slogans
and at Alexandrian cheerleaders —
(everyone has a puppy Accusio socialist)

You give us everything and nothing.
Lies are good since
you have the power, and
the truth is arrested.
Utopia next year.
Promises this year.

But for us,
we can get no help from America now
because they are almost as bad as we are.
Democrats are proud to cheat the Devil
because cheating with paper is an art, and
art is beautiful like Dorian Gray and Machiavelli:
better that the rulers be feared than loved —
or failing that let Pinocchio be the sovereign
and the vain legislature the clown master with
the court bureaucrats taking the bribes with glee.

Soon pro forma Christmas.
For a plum headache,
strip the bark off a willow tree
and weep.

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