Butterflies Can Surf

Distinctly I remember
waiting for the show
at the little creek
where blossoms fall on
floating ice cream sticks

I remembered how butterflies landed on
these flowers on stick boards to
surf over the mini-rapids.

I have learned many
creeky things for you in dreams
and I know that

when sorrow
goes surfing on your tears
I will wipe it out

2 thoughts on “Butterflies Can Surf

  1. Such a beautiful poem. I love the images of butterflies riding the petals on the ice cream sticks. And such an excellent ending. I wouldn’t know how to act if someone ever loved me enough to wipe out my sorrow. Love your poem!


    1. Thanks. I’ve posted this a few times maybe back as long as before 2016. It’s been in different collections. I’ve meant to pick out favorites for a short collection, but I always change my mind because I always feel like something is not clear in each selection, or there’s a better one.


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