Down and Outside

Losing Our Shirt

We hired a limousine
to go gambling at
the House of Cards
in an Earthquake Zone.

They told us house rules:
we’d be playing strip poker.

We were big losers
and we lost all our clothes, but

the earth moved for us, and
we ran out into the street naked
escaping with love and happiness

Sorry you joined
the down club blues,
but let’s say
aloha, and

get down to party
’cause I’ve got
a trampoline bed
and I know ha
we’ve had our
ups and downs, but

I see sometimes
we merge to a heaven
inside ourselves jumping
beside ourselves with glee

Get down to party, see
ain’t no pillow fight, yeah

could be love downy, and
I’ll tickle you up, because
I love to hear you
laugh down the blues

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