To Serve Mankind (Sci-Fi not) 最高領導人

Gee gin and pee
Xi Jinping has destroyed
all holidays with his virus
from His Honor’s culpable lab

Be real, people, the
Wuhan little old country peoples’ lab,
being a virology lab for the collective,
heavenly of utmost respect and veneration,
is a germ-warfare lab for
the glory of the “you-know-who” Party.

Mr. She, not of Mother Nature
has ended all Holidays, and thus
for 2020:

Besides Grandma who
insisted that the family gather together,
Mother is dead in her nursing home, and
now the family will never gather again for
Thanksgiving or Christmas because
the children have their excuses to
dis-invite the obnoxious relatives forever after

Thank you Mr. She for
ending the gathering of the
Capitalist Family of the

Thanks to you
1984 is updated.