Odd Statistics And Comments

    Without comments, the statistics page is hard to understand. Every once in awhile someone “discovers” a post I made a long time ago and which I haven’t featured. At the time of posting there seemed to be little interest, and of course, as usual, no comments, so I assumed it was a really bad post. It could be it still is. Sometimes people are just curious to see it but they are sorry they wasted time looking at it. Maybe. I have no way of knowing just staring at a stats page. I can make no sense from it.
    So, I suppose I could re-post the curiosities. But of course that could result in the same result as originally.
    What label could I use to justify a re-post? I’m not sure. Maybe “curiosity posts” or “lost posts”?
Holy cow, I’ve just noticed there is ONE VISITOR. Would seem ordinary except that according to the chart, the visitor is from 4 countries. He sure travels fast.

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