Hard To Comment on Poetry

hard to parse inventeach when
each parture leisure mimictates
a minimum surd asserted, and
thods plod at times surly surded;
Lo! the pasture has disjointed sheep
ribs and barbecue, served words
sheepish hot sauce spoken for

3 thoughts on “Hard To Comment on Poetry

  1. Part of this was a comment you left on my blog… and here the additional last two lines seem to bring it all together somehow, but in a way that could only be understood intuitively. :)) And another beautiful artwork… 🔆


    1. Thanks very much. This one was hard because I picked out key words and concepts on a whim to comment on your post and then I decided I could finish it off as a stand alone in the same odd style. It’s been an intuitive undertaking, feeling through a beginning and then making a few additions. Coining words was fun. Thanks.

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