How many proper polemicists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

The Classic short answer: 197+ —
that is

One to hold the lightbulb
lo and behold, and more
to turn the ladder, yeah:
at least 196 in care of
countries sent to
wave their colors

The official answer
is a bit more thorough:

One to draw the lightbulb in a cartoon bubble
another to head a committe to choose
LED, incandescent, or politcal blues

One for a paper denying Edison credit,
finding the filaments of truth in bits:
four and twenty blackbird ideas
some not practical, but
no need to eat crow, though

Warren de la Rue, would rue the day
platinum was used in a vacuum tube
too expensive to pursue, and
forgotten, the Joseph Wilson Swan song

Everyone got screwed
and the lightbulb too

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