Dick and Jane Can’t Draw (Draft 1)

My friend Jane wants to be an artist.
See Jane draw.
Jane has a dog.

The teacher yelled at my friend.
Jane draws too white.
Jane is the flesh color crayon.
Her box doesn’t have that one.
She wants to hide in a box.

Jane’s mom likes dogs.
Jane’s mom is a flesh color crayon too.
I like Jane’s mom.
I like Jane.

Our moms are mad bee’cause
the teacher was X-spelling
and giving us suspenders

Our moms say
we have to go to
deprive-it school
we brought
the wrong crayon

My friend Jane
is afraid to draw.
I told her not to cry.

Our teacher says
our families are bad.

Jane likes Dr. Zeus books.
See Jane run.
We are going to deprive-it school.
They have a full box of crayons.
I like when she draws me, bee’cause
she draws me with a blue crayon.
I want to be a blue crayon musician.

5 thoughts on “Dick and Jane Can’t Draw (Draft 1)

  1. Great poem illustrating how the wrong art teacher can oppress art sometimes. I was just thinking about this subject this morning. Art is subjective, and the main ingredient for successful art is having an urge to create, and just trying. Love the vignettes in words and also the beautiful artwork!


    1. Thanks very much. Most young children can’t draw realistically. A few with extraordinary gifts can draw a scene they’ve observed with photo realism. School often teaches them to be analytical so that I think it’s around age 10 when they have a realism crisis when they realize they can’t draw a real looking person and they try to use drawing stereotypes which are wrong — because of perspective and shadows, for example, eyes are not perfect circles or ovals. I think I heard of that in a book, “Drawing on the right side of the brain” or something like that (I don’t remember the title). She said that art was a subconscious process…

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      1. My youngest son is a very good artist (I think, of course), and I purposely did not try to get him to do traditional/realist things. I felt so sad when he came home from his first days of school with a typical style of painting. :))

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  2. Oops. I think I put my comment in the wrong box. I’ll re-do it. The art is a collage of photos I took and modified and cut and pasted with altered colors etc., and I drew a few lines here and there…

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