Dick and Jane Can’t Draw (Draft 2)

Dick and Jane Can’t Draw

My friend Jane wants to be an artist.
See Jane draw.
Jane has a dog named Fred.
Fred can’t draw bee’cause
he likes to do the twist.

The teacher yelled at my friend
bee’cause Jane draws too white.
Jane is a flesh color crayon.
She can’t find that one.
Maybe a frog ate it.
Jane wants to hide in a box.

Jane’s mom likes dogs.
Jane’s mom is a flesh color crayon too.
I like Jane’s mom.
I like Jane.

Our moms are mad bee’cause
the teacher was X-spelling
and giving us suspenders.
The teacher made mom cry.

Our moms say
we have to go to
deprive-it school
we brought
the wrong crayon

My friend Jane
is afraid to draw.
I told her not to cry.

Our teacher says
our families are bad
bee’cause the U-young
said bad words on TV.

Jane likes Dr. Seus books.
See Jane’s dog chase the cat in a hat.

We are going to deprive-it school
bee’cause they have a full box of crayons.

I like when she draws me, bee’cause
she draws me with a blue crayon.
I want to be a blue crayon musician.

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