When the dam breaks (draft 3)

    Professional Vocabulary for Dogs
for puppies:
Dam — dog’s mother
Sire — dog’s father
Puppy — whelp
Before 2005, female dog — bitch. Now called Dam.

When the Dam Breaks

Even during the flood
they were told not to litter,
but dam, in heat, a
love came–
dam and sire
ha, voilà
good whelp
what a bitch

3 thoughts on “When the dam breaks (draft 3)

    1. I wonder why the jargon of different occupations seems always to be odd. In the Dark Ages all science and philosophy was written in Latin and Greek by the educated elite, so I can see why medical terms are derived from Latin. But I don’t know what’s up with the Veterinarians… Maybe they said, “Dam, the public has stolen and preempted our word by calling everyone a dog as an insult.” On the other hand, cartoonists have had visual inside jokes that I suppose you could call a jargon. In old children’s cartoons they drew pigs with corkscrew shaped tails. I wondered what that was about until I saw a documentary about wild hogs and their private parts. Their sexual organ is shaped like a corkscrew. But nowadays, jargoneering is totally out of control and they keep tabooing words and destroying words. Oh good grief, Charlie Brown, the only word that hasn’t been changed is “pejoration” itself. I suppose you can’t order an ice cream “special” anymore. You can’t use anyone “special” for rocket science, and for that matter, you can’t use “science” because that’s just a propaganda word to coerce and manipulate people.


      1. Yeah, the Veterinarians and dog show people must not have liked that the general public stole their professional term. Haha.
        I had heard that about the private parts before, kinda strange. I had never put the correlation together with the children’s books though…now i know! I suppose a wild hog more literally ‘screws’, haha.
        There does seem to be a lot of word taboos these days.

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