Groundhog Day Scenarios Gone Plural

    The premise of the “Ground Hog Day” movie (Screenplay: Harold Ramis, Danny Rubin) is based on the book, Die fröhliche Wissenschaft, by Friedrich Nietzsche, published in 1882. In 1882, fröhliche had the meaning happy or joyful as we know it now so “The Joyous Science.”
    So a life without a purpose is like “Groundhog Day with ageing.” The day repeats but it gets worse. It’s the same tedium repeated without learning enough to escape. The German title used to be a common expression meaning the skill needed to write poetry. So all the literal translations have been wrong according to Wikipedia*
    I recently saw a movie on TV, I think it was called “Happy Death Day” where a girl keeps getting murdered on the same day, but when she solves her murder and learns her lessons the days continue, and everything turns out happily-ever-after. Wow what a bunch of wise and intelligent people all these movie characters are. Too bad we can’t write a script and make it real. Unfortuneatly, even if we do write it, we don’t get to star in it.

* Nietzsche’s Book

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