Test 0

OK, so two things to test. See what happens to line-breaks now. And then if I can’t easily fix that I’ll go searching for the “classic block.” Nobody told me today would be doomsday. I thought I could continue to use the classic editor so that I could quickly set-up on WordPad and paste and go here. I think the line-breaks are going to screw-up now and so it’ll be too hard to quickly post and go and rearrange etc. So I’ll do this test from WordPad and if it screws up, I’ll have to do something on full Word for “DO NOT add 10pt space after paragraphs” or something. OK, I’m pretty sure the following is not going to format right, but I won’t know until I test it. It’s a paste from WordPad.

Losing Our Shirt

We hired a limousine
to go gambling at
the House of Cards
in an Earthquake Zone.

They told us house rules:
we’d be playing strip poker.

We were big losers
and we lost all our clothes, but

the earth moved for us, and
we ran out into the street naked
escaping with love and happiness

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